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This web site is sponsored by Flat Woods Ranch to the purpose of promoting the Kiko breed and to serve as a clearinghouse for facts from independent Kiko producers around the country.
The Kiko was developed in New Zealand, which has a temperate climate much like that from the Southeastern United States. That makes this meat goat an ideal livestock for the eastern half with the nation.
Unlike the Boer goat, which was developed in the very hot, quite arid savanna of South Africa, the Kiko is right at house inside humid climate of the Eastern U.S. This means the Kiko needs less de-worming, much less hoof trimming -- in other words, less maintenance than the Boer goat.

 This site is an educational resource for those interested in Kiko Goats. It is compiled from offered published material, details maintained by the New Zealand developers with the Kiko goat, and observations from breeders elsewhere in the world. It aims to draw together in one place comprehensive written material relating to the Kiko goat and the outcomes of crossbreeding programs.

 In addition, we have included material that relates towards the rearing of the Kiko goat (in specific) and systems and practices for that production of goat meat through the raising of meat goats (in general).

Georgia Field Day and Roundup Sale

****** June 10, 11, and 12, 2010 ******

The Southeast Kiko Goat Association
Field Day and Kiko Roundup
Georgia National Fairgrounds
Perry, Georgia (I-75, exit 135)

Roundup Sale Rules and
Contract Forms can be found here

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